A little of everything

These cupcakes are to. die. for. Possibly one of the yummiest things I have ever made.

I baked these for my dad’s office because it is full of ladies who love sweets, so they are kind of like my taste-testers when I’m not at school where all my friends can eat my baked goods!


Here they are with no icing. Next comes a layer of thin icing, then you let that harden and top it off with the cream cheese frosting. My absolute favorite forever and ever.


Then add a little sprinkle of cinnamon and you’re all done!



All I want to do is make them again. The next night (Mother’s Day), we made this salad and these rolls, along with this summer corn salad. I think I just like food way too much. Anyways, the salad is a copycat recipe from Columbia Restaurant, which serves the most amazing Cuban food you will ever eat. I went here for the first time over Spring Break with my girlfriends in Siesta Key, FL, and it was probably the most incredible meal I have ever had. First off, they give you your very own giant bread roll, which was enough to win me over. Then this 1905 salad, as they call it, was to die for. And then I ordered some steak and rice and onions dish. I can’t even talk about it because I want it again, right now. Here’s our version of the salad.



And all mixed up. So, so good. I would say make the dressing on the side and put it on yourself because it has lots of garlic and can be really strong.


And the rolls with homemade cinnamon honey butter on top.


And the final meal…


After all that cooking, I was pretty tired, so mom and I laid down and worked on our 1000 piece puzzle for a while.


What fun. She is precious. And then!!! I got to see one of my best friends Matt Cheek. We went to Chik-Fil-A and just enjoyed some time together. He is nothing short of a treasure and he loves people better than anyone I’ve ever known! Most popular guy on Clemson’s campus for sure. The joy of the Lord just shines straight out of him and he never holds it back!!


I think that’s about all. I have been shadowing a bunch for PT observation hours and start summer school on Monday. 😦 But that’s ok! Hoping to meet lots of fun people and still have time to continue crafting, reading, and exploring.


One thought on “A little of everything

  1. NOM NOM NOM!!! you are becoming quite the little chef! How sweet of you to make those treats for scottie’s work friends! I bet they just loooove you! Now I have a question about the dinner… Was the meal as good as it looks?!? You and babz are PRESH what was the puzzle of?? Maybe a little Death Valley?? Also, Matt Cheek… I’ve heard great things about him. sounds like a nice guy. Well obvi you are keeping very busy and keeping your little belly full… god love you. I know you are currently working hard on a blog piece about your daughter. I look forward to reading it. god love you, god love peonies, god love apricots, god hate bella. deuces!

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